Vickers hardness testers

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Equipment variants from individual testing systems
right up to fully automatic systems.

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Former development engineers from Wolpert produce test machines with the highest quality standards.

September 1997:   Claus Keßler and Peter Beisel, both former Wolpert engineers, found KB Prüftechnik GmbH
 Since 1997:     Modernisation of tension, pressure, spring and hardness testing machines
 1999:     Taking over the hardness tester and pendulum department of Karl Frank


   Redevelopment of the first hardness tester with force regulation in the closed loop procedure, using a load cell and 7x optical zoom KB 250 - 750 - 3000 BVRZ Standalone Distribution and sales of new, self-developed hardness testing machines
 2003:     Registration of the patent for the ring light. Exact Brinell test with dark field lighting. The difference between ring light and normal light can be up to 4 HB.
2005:   New development of micro and low load hardness testers:  KB 5 - 10 - 30 BVZ Standalone
2006:   KB 30 BVZ fully automatic with software "Precidur"
DKD certification

Development of in-house hardness testing software KB Hardwin XL
Cannot only be used with new machines, but also in the case of modernisation, e.g. with vernier calliper.

Development and entry of the KBW series into the KB product portfolio

2010:   Development of the KB 3000 BVRZ FA fully automatic machine
2011:   Development of KB 30 S and KB 3000 B Video
Development of the KB Brinell lens: Brinell test at higher precision stage possible without ring light
2011:   DAkkS certification
2012:   Development of the KB 30 S Video, semi and fully automatic machine
2013:   Development of the KB 250 MHSR Video, semi and fully automatic machine