Vickers hardness testers

Made in Germany

Equipment variants from individual testing systems
right up to fully automatic systems.

Special purpose machines


Vickers-low load-testing machine KB30 BVZ on air cushions

  • Moveable special purpose hardness testing machine on air cushions
  • Precise and flexible positioning of the hardness testing machines on the measuring table
  • Lens and indenter extended (200 mm), to be able to measure interstices
  • Large test room height: 150 - 800 mm
  • For further specifications see KB 30 Standalone and KB 10-30 BVZ Video, SA and FA

More information about KB 30 SLK




Hardness testing machines KB 250 – 3000 MH

Load step range:
  • 0.5 kg - 250kg
  • 1 kg – 750 kg
  • 5 kg - 3000kg

Maximum test room heights between
350 mm and 900 mm

  • Hardness testing machine KB 250 – 3000 BVRZ-K stand alone
  • Hardness testing machine KB 250 – 3000 BV+R Video
  • Hardness testing machine KB 250 – 3000 BVRZ Video
KB250   KB3000

Motorised cross table for quick loading of the test machine, optionally available

More information about KB 250-3000 MH

Hardness testing machine KB Mammut

The special stand construction and its modular test heads (procedure Brinell,
Vickers) , enable our hardness testing machine of the KB Mammut series to test even large and heavy samples up to 3000 kg test load, in compliance with standards.

More information about KB Mammut