Vickers hardness testers

Made in Germany

Equipment variants from individual testing systems
right up to fully automatic systems.

© KB Prüftechnik

Brinell hardness testing machines


Universal hardness tester KB 250 - 3000 Video

With the new hardness testing software KB HardwinXL, the user enters an innovative, modern world of materials testing.

  • Universal hardness tester KB 250 - 3000 Video© KB PrüftechnikOperation via the hardness testing software KB HardwinXL
  • 5 Megapixel USB camera
  • High load stage range
  • KB 4x digital zoom
  • Intuitive operation via Windows-PC panel
  • LED lighting
  • Export into Excel or text file
  • Customer-specific test protocol creation
  • Network-compatible
  • Equipment variations from individual tests to fully automatic machines
  • Subsequent upgrade to fully automatic system possible, e.g. for the automatic evaluation of the materials test
  • Rockwell optionally available
  • Motorised 6-way revolver optionally available

More information about KB 250-3000 BV Video, SA, FA