Vickers hardness testers

Made in Germany

Equipment variants from individual testing systems
right up to fully automatic systems.

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Software Hardness testing with KB HardWin XL

  • Suitable for controlling individual testing machines right up to fully automatic machines
  • Procedure Rockwell DIN EN ISO 6508, Vickers DIN EN ISO 6507, Brinell DIN EN ISO 6506 Knoop ISO 4545 and DIN ISO 4516
  • USB video camera can be connected, for manual or automatic measurement of the indentation on the monitor
  • Correction of curved surfaces according to DIN EN ISO for Vickers and Rockwell
  • Conversion tables according to EN ISO 18256 incl. extended reassessment table
  • Warning when exceeding the scale area,
  • series testing as standard
  • Optional pattern tests manually or automatic,welding test, multiple sample holder, mapping
  • Measurement values as table and diagram
  • Software testing with statistics, data export, (Option control chart)
  • Operating system Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7/ Windows 8
  • Language German and English available ex works
  • Customer-specific coupling and networking to QS systems
  • Can be extended to semi and fully automatic machines

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