Vickers hardness testers

Made in Germany

Equipment variants from individual testing systems
right up to fully automatic systems.

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Hardness testing machines

With us you receive hardness testing machines according to Rockwell, Super-Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers or Knoop:

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Vickers testing machines

Hardness testing with Vickers
testing machines: micro
hardness tester, low load and
macro hardness tester

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Rockwell Hardness Tester
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Rockwell testing machines

Quick and efficient testing
systems for reliable
measurement results.

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Universal Härteprüfer KB 250 - 3000 Video
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Brinell testing machines

The highest precision up
to 3000 kgf for universal
hardness testing for
process control. Tests
according to Vickers,
Brinell, Rockwell,
Super-Rockwell and Knoop.          

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Universal testing machines

Diverse possibilities for
optimum process control.
Tests according to Vickers,
Brinell, Rockwell,
Super-Rockwell and
Knoop in the load area of
0.2 kg – 3000 kg

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