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Our hardness testing machines and spring testing machines are made in Germany.

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Modernisation for hardness testers, tension /
pressure testing machines and spring testing machines

Modernisation – Hardness tester

Modernisierung© KB PrüftechnikOur flexibility and innovative ability not only enables us to develop new machines, but also to retrofit older machines. The modernisation of external systems is one of our strengths. Particularly in the area of expansion for the manual hardness testers, we offer solutions which significantly increase the automation level of use, and lead to cost savings and conservation of resources.



Modernisierung© KB Prüftechnik  

Modernisation tensile / pressure testing machines

In the area of modernisation of tensile and pressure testing machines, KB Prüftechnik has developed modernisation packages, with the help of which these testing machines be quickly and easily be retrofitted with state-of-the-art testing machine technology.

We distinguish between 2 expansion variants:
Expansion stage 1: Only measurement data compilation power, path, optional stretching
Expansion stage 2: Machine control (power, path and stretching regulated)


Modernisierung© KB PrüftechnikModernisation - Spring testing machines

We modernise all kinds of spring testing machines, screw spring testing machines, sheet spring testing machines and torsion spring testing machines.